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The Farthest Edge (Honey #2)(15)
Author: Kristen Ashley

“Please, ma’am, spank me more.”

Unbelievably amazing.

It had been so long, it was going to take everything not to come simply by giving him this.

But she held back and pushed it.

She had to, he needed it, they needed it.

But mostly he did.

And she had to give it to him.

So she jacked his cock and spanked his ass until her hand stung so badly she couldn’t do it anymore, which was at the same time his head dropped.

Only then did she move in, pressing close to his side, gripping his dick in a tight hold at the base and sliding her flattened hand from the small of his back downward, digging her middle finger into the crevice, finding his hole and burying her finger to the second knuckle.

A noise sounded in his chest, there and gone, but as elusive as it was, it exploded between her legs like she’d made him roar with his orgasm.

Her legs were shaking but she had to go on. It was crucial.

Or she’d lose him.

So she did just that.

“I’m claiming you, Branch,” she told him, shocked her voice came out as strong as it did when it was taking all she had to stop her entire body from trembling, or instead climbing on the hood and ordering him to fuck her silly. “I don’t care you don’t want my ‘lame-ass shit,’ you’re taking it because right now, I own you.”

He stayed still, her finger up his ass, her hand wrapped around his dick, his head bowed.


Maybe the most exquisite thing she’d ever seen.

“Do you understand me?” she asked.

He took a breath she could feel him take as her body moved with it.

Then he said, “Yes.”

“Who owns you?”

“You do, ma’am.”

“Yes, I damned well do,” she forced out, extricated her finger but started stroking his cock as she reached back to the waistband of her trousers.

She unscrewed the cap with her thumb, letting it fall to the gravel, and still stroking his cock, she squeezed the lube down his crevice and she did that generously. Tossing the lube aside, she went back to him. Gathering it, she used it to ease her way as she fucked him with her finger, shallow, shallow, deeper, deeper, stroking at the front faster, harder.

All the while talking.

“Now, baby, I like how you take a punishment and can admit to being bad. So, we’re going to get in your truck, and when you walk to the passenger side, I want you to pull your pants up but when you position in the truck for me, I want your cock and balls out for me to see, to touch if I want, you got me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said tightly as pre-cum hit her fingers.


She’d earned his cum.

That Domme inside hadn’t even made him hard.

Now, after just a jacking, a spanking and a hint of a fucking, she had his cum.

A drop.

But she was damn well going to take it.

And get more.

Her pussy quivered, her lips curled up and she kept stroking and fucking while talking.

“I’m going to drive us back to my house and then you’re going to show me you can be a good boy. Right?”

“Your car,” he bit off.

She slid two fingers inside him, drove deep and heard his bitten-back snarl.


She pressed herself closer to his side as she pushed him further, fucking him harder, jacking him faster. “Don’t worry about my car, baby. I got it covered.”

She didn’t but she hoped Josh and/or Barclay had their phones close, were light sleepers and could lend her a hand for the promise of a generous gift card to wherever they wanted.

“Ma’am,” he grunted in a way she focused sharply on him.

It was a warning.

“You need to come, handsome?”

He puffed out a shallow breath as answer.

An answer she correctly guessed was yes.

She tightened her hand on his cock and quit stroking as she slid her fingers out of his ass.

“No coming, Branch. Not until I say.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Now, one more thing before we go.”

She couldn’t see it, but she felt it.

He braced.

She was taking him there.

He was fighting it.

But he wanted to go there.

She felt like screaming in glee.

She didn’t.

She reached behind her and slid the plug out of her waistband.

Staying pressed close, she got up on tiptoe, kept hold of his cock and slid the tip up and down his crease.

“Look at me, handsome.”

It took a moment but slowly, unbelievably slowly, he turned his head and looked down his shoulder at her.

She felt his eyes.

She felt his need.

She felt everything.

Now it was her job to make him feel the same thing.

“You feel that?” she whispered, gliding the plug back and forth through his lubed crack.

“Yes,” he whispered back, that tone she’d never heard whispering over her nipples, her clit, beautiful agony.

“That’s me, baby,” she told him. “The woman who owns you, it’s me. And you’re going to take me inside. I’m going to fill you with me, Branch. You’re going to sit beside me in your truck with me inside you, seated deep. And when we get to my house, you’re going to wait until I pull you out of this truck by your cock and I’m going to pull you into my house by your cock because that’s how I want to lead you into my house the first time I take my big boy there. Then I’m going to let you go. When I do, you’re going to walk to the front of my house, up the stairs, take off your clothes and lie in my bed, naked on your belly with your legs spread for me, so when I follow you, the first thing I see is your ass with me planted deep.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied without hesitation.

She caught the tip of the plug at his hole and held his gaze.

She felt him go slightly up on his toes.

Heck yes.

He wanted that.

But she had to be sure he knew what he was getting.

“Do you understand what I’m saying to you, Branch?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“No, baby,” she pressed closer, got up higher on her own toes, sliding the plug in barely half an inch. “Are you going to take me inside?”

She felt him still.

She also felt his silence cover her, shroud her, shroud them, as his eyes looked into hers in the moonlight.

The silence lengthened and that shroud turned heavy and suffocating.

And just when she thought he’d pull away, he said low, “Yes, ma’am.”


Now was when she felt like screaming with glee.

But it had to be him.

She would help and did, sliding the plug in another half an inch.

Then she ordered, “Take it.”

He stayed still and stared at her.

“Take it, Branch,” she demanded.

He didn’t move.

“Take it,” she whispered.

“Fuck,” he bit out.

She twisted it lightly. “Take me inside.”

His gaze burned through the moonlight.

Then she held his plug steady as he eased back. She watched his white teeth appear, sinking into his bottom lip, and she experienced a heady, sweet, convulsive mini climax as he opened for her then closed around her as he took her inside.

She cupped his ass, feeling the cool of her jewel against her fingers and thinking it might be the loveliest thing she’d ever touched.

But she didn’t dally.

And she didn’t care a bit her voice was breathy when she ordered, “Pants up, handsome, climb inside. Cock and balls available for me to play with on the ride. Let’s go home.”


He Was Fucked


He was fucked.

Totally fucked.

As he lay on his stomach in her huge-ass frilly bed in her frilly bedroom, naked, his plugged ass pointed toward the stairs, his rock-hard cock in agony trapped under him, his balls hanging so heavy, they didn’t need a weight tied to them to bring the pain, he knew without a doubt he was fucked.

She was good.

With a lot of things.

Damn, with everything.

This included with a whip.

Christ, watching her wield one, it was a wonder he didn’t get instantly hard and come in his pants.

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