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Holding His Forever(19)
Author: Alexa Riley

Three days a week, I volunteer at the women’s shelter as the security officer. I make sure the staff is safe and ensure that the women who are coming in are protected from any outside threats. Fia told me how important the shelter is to her, and I wanted to help her be more involved. She finished up her degree in social work two months ago, and now she can finally help make a difference within the system and just volunteer her time.

I work at the fire department two days a week now, training the new guys. After Fia and I talked, and I explained my fear about working in a dangerous line of work and starting a family, I took a step back and decided what was more important. I had enough money saved in order to take care of us for a long time, so this was something I was comfortable doing. I’d be able to be there for her. For our baby.

We got married the day after her attack and found out we were having a little baby boy not too long after that day. My dad was bursting with excitement, and even though it was sad our moms couldn’t be there, it was still a perfect day.

My dad has welcomed Fia as his own daughter, and I see how much he means to her. She was hesitant at first, and after learning about her real father, I understood. But as time has gone on, she’s started to call him Dad, and their relationship is really beautiful. We haven’t told my dad yet, but Fia wants to name the little boy after him.

She’s been a trouper, working until the very end of her pregnancy, and I swear her pussy gets sweeter the further along she gets. I know she needs to get to work, but I had to have just one more taste before we left.

“Please! Oh, God. That’s it.”

I slip two fingers inside of her, rubbing that sweet spot inside her channel. She clenches down on me, and I feel her juices start to run down my fingers. Her climax is hot and fast, and her sweet nectar hits my tongue.

When she’s finished climaxing, I pull my fingers out and lick them clean, and then give her pussy one last kiss before covering it back up with her panties. I pull her dress back into place and stand up, giving her a satisfied smile.

“You look so smug for someone who’s going to be walking around with a boner the size of the Washington Monument all day.”

She winks at me and walks past, and I smack her ass.

“Guess you’ll just have to make it up to me tonight.”

I grab the keys and her bag, carrying them for her as we exit.

“Only if you promise to give me a foot rub in the bathtub.”

I wiggle my eyebrows at her, thinking about getting her all wet and bubbly. “Deal.”

She leans up on her tippy toes and places a soft kiss on my chin.

“Sucker,” she says before pulling back and making me chase after her.

I’d follow her to the ends of the earth as long as I’d end up with my arms around her. Holding her is the only thing that heals my soul, and I’ll do it until my last breath.


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